Monday, March 29, 2010

Death in the family

I received a frantic call today from Lily around 3:30ish.

She couldn't find her hamster. I was confident it was somewhere in the house, but I didn't know where. It had gotten out of it's cage by chewing through some duct tape that Ian had put on a hole. Hamsters can escape from *anything* ... duct tape might as well be cobwebs.

After searching the house, Lily found the hamster in the kitty dungeon. 'Hamstey' was found in the kitty house-carpet thingie. It wasn't eaten. My guess is Kitty somehow broke it's neck or something because if Sammy or Kisper found it first, it would be kitty poop by now.

Poor Lily.

When I finally got home she had take photos of Hamstey and created this tribute video.

RIP Hamstey.