Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy Birthday Lydia!

Lydia was born on Tuesday, June 22, 2004 ... it was later in the afternoon, if I remember correctly around 4:00 or 5:00 ish.

She was 7lbs 9oz.

She was an ugly baby ... and she porked out as she got older. By 6 months she had a 'moon' face. ha ha ha.

Lydia gets prettier and prettier. She's almost grown out of her tantrums and moodiness.

She's still a weirdo though.

At any rate. I love her very much.

Happy Birthday Lydia!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Lydia's Kindergarten Graduation

Lydia graduated from Kindergarten on Friday, May 28th.

When Lydia entered kindergarten, I thought for sure I'd be getting a call from her teacher telling me to take her back! I was terrified for her. I even wrote a little note on her 'info sheet' apologizing in advance because of her insanity. I know, I'm a horrible mother.

However, the opposite has happened. Lydia seems to have almost 'caught up' emotionally with all her peers. She rarely has the same outbursts and tantrums that used to hold our family hostage. She was so unbearable I (and everyone else in the house) were on the brink of madness. I know that sounds dramatic, but it was true.... she was a living nightmare.

It's only going up from here! Lydia has learned a lot. She can read all her sight words and she's absolutely average. :) I'm very proud of her.

Her program was really cute. They sang several songs. Make sure you watch the video below.

I love you, Lydia ... craziness and all.


Lydia's Teacher, Mrs. Kunze

Lydia showing us her diploma

Accepting her diploma

Singing with her She-Ra headband ... oh lordy ...

Her part of the program! Right on!

Being a patient, good girl.

Mrs. Kunze

Waiting for the program to begin.

Being a good girl.

Disney Insanity!

So, on Saturday, May 29th I worked for two hours in the morning, from 7:30am - 9:30am. On my way home, a crazy idea entered my brain...

I should take my family to Disneyland for one day! I should drive down as soon as I get home, go to Disneyland on Sunday, then drive home on Monday, May 31st aka Memorial Day.

Nevermind it's a holiday weekend with holiday traffic ... nevermind Disneyland is going to be insanely busy ... nevermind this is going to cost a FORTUNE.

So, I asked Ian what he thought, and he said, "Sure" ... holy crap?! Really? Okay then, let's go.
I got a room at the Holiday Inn Express (where we usually stay) on priceline.com for $85.00 a night. Not bad considering it was Memorial Day weekend. I packed within 15 mintues and we were off.

The drive down was uneventul. We stopped once in St. George for lunch at McDonalds. We were back on the road around 4:00pm. We drove straight to Anaheim without a stop. It was really fast time. I acutally sped, shocking, I know. I drove 80 mph as opposed to my normal 75 mph.

That night we went swimming. The girls LOVED it ... the boys also loved it. I sat in the hot tub and watched the kids. We were in bed by 11:00pm, but the boys had a hard time falling asleep in a different environment. Eventually they fell asleep as well.

We were up early at 6:00am on Sunday. We got ready fast, ate breakfast and made to DL by 8:00am for opening! We knocked out Fantasyland in about 2 hours... we went to Adventureland/Frontierland area. The boys are really in to the Haunted Mansion... they watch a youtube.com video all the time.

We went back to the hotel for lunch and swimming again. Had naps, etc. this took 4 hours then we went back to DL for another 5 hours or so.

Disneyland with kids/babies totally sucks. It's sad, but true. Once your kids are about 8 years old or so, they can go on all the rides, hopefully they aren't very whiny and basically it's fun. I like 'reliving' old memories, etc, but I always build up so much hype that it's a let down for me. I need to be more patient.

This trip was much better than our December trip. 6 months really makes a difference with the boys. They were much better this trip ... still difficult, but much better.

We ate breakfast on Monday morning then left. The traffic getting back in to CA was HORRIBLE. I'm so glad we were on the other side of the freeway. We drove straight from Anaheim to St. George and ate at the same McDonalds. I picked up Cafe Rio for myself'/Ian because I didn't want burger fare. From there, we hopped back on the road and arrived home by 7:45pm.

The girls played with friends, I did laundry then watched the news and went to bed.

All in all it was a fun weekend. It was tiring. I didn't take ONE BLESSED photo. How lame am I? Oh well. My only souvenier is a ring. It's a silver band with Mickey heads inlayed, filled with colors.