Monday, January 25, 2010


So, weight watchers is going very well! It's slow, steady and manageable. Hopefully within a year I'll be down to 150 and it won't have been very difficult. wwwweeeee!!!! I have also walked for an hour on the treadmill THREE TIMES! It's a miracle. ha ha ha. I'm only walking at a 2 mph pace though.

My birthday is next week. I'll be 32 years old. I like getting older, personally. I truly feel like I become wiser and calmer. Ian and I are going to Indian food. I'll have to figure out how to chart that with my points.

We also have Valentine's Day coming up. I told Ian just to send flowers to my work for my birthday and that will take care of Vday and my birthday.

I applied and had a second interview in the eBay Motors dept. I have a good feeling, but until I'm actually offered the job, I'll just have to wait. It was a pretty popular job and a lot of people applied. A lot of qualified people. If I don't get the job, I'll just stay in TCC until something else pops up.

Laura and I am trying to plan our Florida trip. Who knows who will show up.


Friday, January 8, 2010

I started Weight Watchers!

So, last night was my first meeting. Laura and Ashlee are also joining in! The program is SUPER SIMPLE ... the not so simple part it following the plan. I am allowed 27 points per day. Everything you eat is assigned a points value. For example, I'm eating a turkey sandwich right now for lunch. It's two slices of whole wheat bread, two tbls of Miracle Whip and 3 oz of sliced deli turkey. Super delish and it's 6 points. If I wanted to, I could add tons of veggies and it wouldn't raise the points, or if it did, it would be like 1 point. I also get 35 extra points every week to 'fudge' with. So, I'm going to try and NOT use those. Maybe when I go to dinner or something.

I'm hoping to get down to 150lbs. We'll see ... only time will tell.