Sunday, August 22, 2010

July 24th

On Saturday, July 24th, we had Kenny and Susan's family over for a barbeque. After the BBQ, we went and hunted frogs!

There is this little place in draper, next to a swap that is CRAWLING with frogs! It's insano! They are tiny at this point, almost the size of a housefly ... maybe a tad bigger, with some as big as a quarter. I think they're actually baby toads, but anyway, this is the third year that my family has gone and it's FUN! I think we collected well over 20! Then we released them all. The boys were not as into it as I hoped. Maybe next year. The girls had a lot of fun ...

In years past, we would bring the frogs home and let them loose in the backyard. I'm sure kitties and birds find them and gobble them up. It really is so much fun!

After the return home, we set out a blankie and watched neighbors do their fireworks. It was such a fun night! It was a Saturday, so we didn't have to wake up early the next day. My camera's date is off by a day ... it was really 07.24.10.

We'll have to do it again next year.

Dinner with Lana

I met up with my Lana for dinner. Lana has spent the last year transforming herself and reinventing her life! The time we spent was amazing! She really inspired me to get back on WW. Lana did 'The Best Life' diet. I guess it's more of a philosophy, etc. It's a good program, like WW. It focuses on retraining ourselves on eating better, getting more activity, etc.

I don't know how much weight she has lost in total, but I believe it's 90-100 lbs. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT?! For her will power and strength, she is being recognized by Bob Green and is currently on their website. She has run a few races as well.

What a good example she's been for me. Hopefully I can also triumph over my weight. So far since starting WW again, (starting my 4th week today) I'm down 6lbs! That's a 2lb per week average.

Summer Fun with Kami and the boys!

My best friend Kami, lives about 3 houses away. Her youngest son, Bridger has a powerwheels type vehicle that he calls a 'scubadiver'. Yeah, I don't know either ...

Anyway, he gives the boys rides. He's really good at it! I think my boys would crash or something.

2010 Greer Family Reunion

In July, we had our Greer Family Reunion at Reid Ranch. This place was great. I wish we could have spent more time there. The kids loved it! I wish Ian and I could have enjoyed it more. Having twins means you don't get to do anything.

Next year it's Nate's turn and we'll go to Idaho. I know he'll plan some great things.

Lydia lost her first tooth! It was a bottom tooth, and the one next to it is loose as well. BOTH permanent teeth are already in, so I fear we'll have to pull the loose one since Lydia isn't helping.

I don't understand my kids, I LOVED having loose teeth ... I would pull, twist, bite, whatever until that tooth came out! But both of my girls have been 'afraid'. I don't get it.

We also don't do the 'tooth fairy' here ... I just give them cash. Well, I did on the first tooth, but after that, nope.