Thursday, June 25, 2009

Lydia's 5th Birthday!

We celebrated Lydia's birthday this week. Lydia was born on Tuesday, June 22nd in Orem, Ut. She was mine and Ian's first child. It's hard to imagine she's 5 and going to start kindergarten this fall. WOW!

We had a family party for her on Sunday and a friend party on Thursday.

She got a bike and some Totoro toys. Both were fun days!

The top photos are the family party and the bottom ones are the friend party.

The very bottom ones are some I found of Lydia as a baby and younger times.


Misty said...

Wow... love that girl. I still can't believe how chubby she was as a baby.

lizzo said...

She is so pretty. I wish I had her hair color!

Susan said...

She is so funny. I remember Gabe and Aaron making her laugh when she was little. It was so hilarious!