Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Babies are bad

The boys were taking a bath and they pulled my Reader's Digest into the water ... *sigh* Magazine paper doesn't hold up well in water. It DISINTEGRATED.

I pulled out as much of the chunks as I could, but it was impossible to get all of it. I grabbed my colander and strainer and still couldn't get it all out.

It clogged the bathtub drain. I had to pull out the drain out using pliers. Then once it was opened pull out the goop with needle nose pliers.

I'm confident some of you would have barfed.

This is how it looked when I walked over.

The guilty parties. The stood on the side of the tub, and pulled it off the counter. You can see they are standing there for the photo.

After I drained it

Now I have to clean with bleach to get the ring out.

I'm a bad mother.


lizzo said...

No way you are a bad mom. I cannot believe a Reader's Digest made that mess! Ugh...sorry...

Sabrina said...

I love this. It makes me feel good that this kind of stuff happens to other people. I love the pic of your cute naked boys! cute.

Susan said...

You're not a bad mom. You have twins boys!! One boy is a handful, can't imagine two at the same age.