Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Well, I would have liked to post earlier, but things have been busy.

It's always busy around here.

Halloween was AWESOME! Everyone in the family dressed up. Lily was a vampress, Lydia decided to be Minnie Mouse at the last second, even though she had a new pirate costume. Arik was Squirt and Duncan was Nemo. Ian and I were both pirates. Ian looks so cute with 'Jack Sparrow' dreadlocks. *sigh*

We also carved pumpkins earlier that week. I thought it would be fun to make 'pumpkin surprise' and put the boys inside. It was fun for a few minutes, then they had had enough! Oh well ... it was fun while it lasted.

My dad celebrated his 70th birthday on November 2nd. We had a party for him on the 1st at Sizzler's. I was pleasantly surprised at the food. Not bad at all. My dad thinks he's going to die any day now. He's so weird.

Nate and Mary stayed with us. It's always nice when they come. The girls love it! It's all they talk about because they love their cousins, Kyla and Shannon. I'm sure once our boys are older, they and Asher will be best buds... not to mention Micah.

I'm still training for my new job at eBay. It's awesome ... hopefully I'll be able to move up fast and get back to my pay where I was at UPS. So far, the gamble is paying off.

That's all for now ...



J.R. and Lana said...

Those pictures are awesome! The kids look so great. I really love their costumes and you did such a good job making them look cute. They boys are so cute and I can't beleive that they aren't little tiny ones anymore. Those pumpkin pictures with them are hilarious.
I have to agree with you that Ian wins the prize for the most handsome Jack Sparrow!! You make a beatiful pirate too of course! Loved the dress.
I hope your new job is everything you are hoping for. As for your Dad, he makes me smile. I think he will be around for MANY more years. Happy 70th to him!

Susan said...

I love the pics of the pumpkin boys!! Too cute! Glad you are liking schlebay (as Laura would say) and I am loving the blog!

Salena said...

LOve all the costumes! aND the pumpkin pictures turned out so CUte! I hope you did it right before their bath:)..I'm sure they were sticky!

starsinmybelly said...

Love the blog Meredith! The kids are all sooo cute in their halloween costumes too. I love the Nemo theme the twins had :)