Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Lincoln City, Oregon Oct 2009

Well we're back from our way too short trip to Oregon. Boy, it's just such a neat place and we'll definitely be going back. LOVED LOVED LOVED it.

We rented a house ... it was non pretentious (humble?) and not luxurious, but was very comfortable. Kind of like Grandma's house or something. It was about a 10 min walk to the beach. I could really appreciate this place in the summer months. There were some very beautiful homes that were very pricey.

Here's the photos, enjoy!

In case you are wondering, this was the carpet that was on the WALL in my basement bedroom. Nice.


Misty said...

Looks like a fantastic vacation

Susan said...

it looks like you had a fun time. would it be possible to get that house in the summer, because that would be so much fun!

Lana said...

Oregon looked amazing! You guys have done a lot of traveling lately then? That is cool that we were both in Idaho during Fall Break. You had a busy summer too, huh? You had alot of fun family time. You have a great family!
The boys are getting so big. I loved the Reader's Digest in the tub. I am so sorry about that. Also, I hope Lydia likes going to school again. The girls must love their Mommy and Daddy for making such an awesome Halloween Decorated house. It looks awesome! You and Ian look so great in your photos together. Such a great couple!
Oh, and the carpet on the wall was the best!
Anyway, to answer your question, I am not sure if Jeff works at Ebay. I will have to find out and let you know!
Love you!